Wednesday 21 September 2011

Auction !!

I`m a member of the Guinea Pig Haven forum and now and then we have an auction to raise funds for guinea pig rescues. This time the money raised is going to " Cavycorner" and Little Brambles" rescues. All the auction lots are donate and some are handmade. There is bound to be something for you wether you are a guinea pig fan or not, so please have a look now!!

Guinea Pig Haven Auction HERE

The lots are only up for veiwing at the moment and biding starts on MONDAY 26TH SEPT

I have as usual made some piggy cards which are for christmas and are up on the auction..........

PS: Sue White......... I am sure there is something you would like to bid on !!


Unknown said...

Cute cards Diane! Glad I've found you again I lost a lot of the blogs I had been following :o(
Hope you are keeping well! We are here!
Hugs Alyson x

Sandra said...

Oh how cute. Thank you for the link, I know just who to send it to, she'll love it

Dazie said...

Diane you know we all adore your cards, these are stunning! Thanks so much for doing them for us they are much appreciated!

SusieJ said...

Love the cards Diane and thanks for telling us about the auction.
Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

What cute cards Diane - so sweet!! Off to take a look at the auction lots now - thanks for telling us. xx

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