Wednesday 27 January 2010

Hiya Girls,

Had my Carpel Tunnel op on Monday. Had to be at the hospital for 7-30 and had my op at 8 which took altogether an hour, but was home at 10 !!

When I arrived the day surgrey unit wasn`t open so had to wait in the hall. Was then delt with by an older nurse who whispered all the time even seeing I wear two hearing aids, nobody took any notice of my hearing aids. It is a good thing I can hear very well with them, except the whispering nurse. Heard of the "Dog whisper, Horse whisper, but not the Nurse whisper " !! Anyway op was fine and even the injections didn`t hurt or sting even though Mr Hayward said they would. Was given a nice cup of tea and bun afterwards because I had been a very good girl.....Thank god it is over and as you can see it is swallon and very stiff, but again thankfully not painfull. Have the stitches out on 2nd of Feb. Had to change the dressing today which is too small, but today I can use the hand a bit. Will be able to do some crafting even though I can`t wipe my bum !!

You learn something every day and this has made me think about my friend Ann who is no longer with us. She had alot wrong with her and then had a stroke on top of everything else so lost the use of her right side. I now know how much she must of struggled with daily life...........

Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snowy pictures taken today from back door, bedroom window and front door !!


Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I have had a fab holiday and break from work. It was made on Christmas day with a surprise visit I made to Grace one of my ladies on Christmas morning. She gets very down at christmas because it was her wedding anniversary on christmas eve and she no longer has her hubby. Grace is 92 and loves my dogs who have to come with me every week while I do her hair. She was so trilled to see us and said it was the best christmas she had had. Grace has had a very hard life and not always a happy one. It made her day and mine.

Today we are snowed in, so please have a thought for any eldly friends or neighbours if you can. A visit and a hot cup of tea might make all the difference to them.

Keep warm and cosy!!
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