Wednesday 14 July 2010

Another mosaic card

Was asked to make a few guinea pig "thank you" cards. This is one I made playing with mosaics again, but just with paper and diferent shapes this time. Sorry my photos are so bad, but if you click on the photo you get a better view.

Sunday 11 July 2010

What not to do with shrink plastic !!

Just thought I would show you why you don`t put alot of colour onto shrink plastic....I got carried away playing with my alcohol inks on shrink plastic and knew I had put too much colour on so when it was shrunk down it turned out black !! I have been playing with mosaics and decided to try with shrink plastic, just simple 2" squares. After putting TOO much ink on a sheet of plastic I then stamped in white flowers and cut it into 2" squares and shrunk.Made an anniversary card for a friend in the end with the squares.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Sod of a week !!

This had been a sod of a week for me......I`ve always said that the weather doesn`t effect my arthritis, but either it has or I have slipped down that slippery road !! I have stuggled with everything and anything this week. So glad I had a quiet week work wise !! I can`t stand, sit or lay for long, but it hasn`t completely stopped me crafting !! Have managed to finish a few projects, lots of photo`s to look at !!

First an accordion book we made at AMOM Stash Busters Day a couple of weeks ago. I should have called it my "Smiley Book" not "Friends", but I did the cover before I took all these lovely photos of my crafting friends !! There is a blank page for two more friends, but haven`t taken their photo`s yet.The two circles sticking above the book are pull out tags which I will find some nice poems to put on.

Then a LO of my mum done at a class at AMOM and then I made a card from the leftover bits from LO.

Lastly a crafting friend called Linda thought it was a good idea to save her old Miffy tissue box because I might like to make something with it. It only had a few Miffys and pink flowers on it, but this is what I made. Thanks Linda !!

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