Sunday 28 March 2010

Designer day !!

Yesterday at " A Maze of Memories " we had a "Designer Day" !! Francoise Reed, a designer for Woodware came for the whole day. In the morning Francoise demonstrated her work and then in the afternoon we had a master class.

Just a few photos of our lovely day with Francoise and the cards we made in the afternoon, well my version of the cards !!

TOP TIP !! If you get black ink on your lovely cards were it`s not surpose to be like I did......white gel pen hides it !!

PS. If you click on each photo you can get a closer look.

Thursday 25 March 2010

The "JOYS" of being 50 !!!

Just thought I would share this with you.......I had a surprise invite yesterday through the post to go TOPLESS and have pictures taken !!!!! Wow my luck was in......the only trouble was my boobs had to be squashed in a vice for the photos to be taken !! Yes breast screening, joy of joy !! My only worry boobs are already to my waist and don`t really want them to my knees !! OH the joys of being 50......

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Oh dear....

Oh dear...wasn`t one of the lucky winners in the Pink Gem Designs Challenge, but congrats to everyone who did win !! A bit of fun anyway......
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