Wednesday 5 September 2012

How to make your own dew drop bubbles

 This is super easy to do......

You will need the following:
1 heat gun
1 heat mat
1 pair of tweezers
Ultra Thick embossing powder
  small foil dish


Make a small pinch in your foil dish to make a spout and then add some UTEE

Health and Saftey Warning !!

 You must from now on always use your tweezers, the foil dish will be VERY HOT when you now melt the UTEE from below with your heat gun !!

And NO they are not my hands.......they belong to my brother as there was no way on earth I could take a photo of this !!
 When the UTEE becomes runny, gently pour and drip the liquid on to your heat mat. This is easy and you can make small of big dew drops as you wish.  If your UTEE gets stringy then reheat with heat gun.

Try mixing some different coloured embossing powders or mica powders, glitter etc before you heat your UTEE to get different coloured dew drops !! 

 Just play and see what you can come up with !!


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