Sunday 5 June 2011

A lovely day....

Today`s my Birthday and I`ve had a lovely day at "Hearing Dogs forThe Deaf " annual summer fate !! Alot of you won`t know I have severe hearing lost. I had my first hearing aid in 1980 and then the second one in 2000 after meningitis and now have little hearing left, but hear Ok with aids. I am a great supporter of Hearing Dogs as I love dogs and might need one later on myself. Anyway Frank Bruno opened the fate and was a good sport to all us jo public in taking photos !! There was ferret racing( I love ferrets), terrier racing, stalls galore, loads of demos in the main ring of all sorts of assistance dogs and loads and loads of fun to be had !! And soooooo many lovely dogs to cuddle and pet !! FAB !!


Julie Staves said...


Happy Birthday - pleased to see you had a great day.
The fete looks good fun- and the ferrets are really sweet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Diane! Looks like you had a brilliant day today! xxx

SusieJ said...

Diane!!! I didn't know it was your birthday - Happy belated Birthday and big hugs xx
Also didn't know about the Hearing Dogs fete - I'd have come with you if I'd known. I too may well need one of these special dogs soon so do try to support them.
Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day.
Hugs xx

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