Monday 26 March 2012

Please read.....UPDATE !!

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Over my time with my blog, I have met and made lots of lovely blogger friends !!  Thank you all !! I have one very special blogger friend called Sophie who I have watched grow up. Sophie has special needs, but this doesn`t stop her from doing what she wants and she knows what she wants !!  She has decided to do the Sports Relief Mile which will be a real challenge for her.  Please if you can, encouraged her with your words and sponser her with your money !!  I`m not one who usually asks, but this is very special to me.......
This is the link to Sophie`s sponser page:
If you would like to read more about Sophie then check out Alysons ( Sophies mum ) blog HERE 


THANK YOU to everyone of my friends who sponsored Sophine and from her mum Alyson !! Sophie raised £75 for Sports Relief which is BRILL !! Way to go girl !!


Mandy said...

Hi Diane,
hope your well???...One very inspiring young lady,good luck to her...
Mandy x

Unknown said...

Thank you Diane and everyone else that is supporting Sophie! She is thrilled to see the total she is raising go up! You are all so generous!
hugs Alyson x

Debbie said...

Hi Di just come from Sophie's and she is a lovely girl and hope she gets lots more sponsors. :)


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