Saturday 11 September 2010

"Messy Day", but great fun !!

Today we crackled,inked,destressed,embossed,stamped,shrunk anything that moved at "A Maze of Memories" to make an altered art clock !! What messy fun we all had !! This is Christina`s clock which was the base from which we worked from. My clock is now finished, but forgot to take a photo, so will post later. The reason none of our clocks have hands is.......we didn`t have the washers needed, so they will come later.

The girls working hard on their clocks

My clock in progress

Sue and her clock

Some of the clocks which are in various stages of being finished.


SusieJ said...

We had a fabulous time didn't we? Great photos Diane. Amazing how all the clocks turned out so different.
Sue xx
p.s. my hands are still messy and DS's old school shirt is in the wash!

Julie Staves said...

Looks like you all had a great time- I would have joined you but duty at our annual conference called.
The clocks look fabulous

jan said...

thanks for showing us all these pix, look lovely, and well done, great to see everyone enjoying themselves, hugs Jan xx

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