Thursday, 22 August 2013

Round bales

Here are some photo's of  "our field" today when I took my two for their usual walk round it.

So here we are at the start going across our field

 I really can't tell you how many round bales there are, they just go on and on !!

Taz taking a rest, well she is 15 !! Now we have crossed our field and walking down one side. As you can see Taz has got her second wind...

Reached the bottom corner and now crossing back over to other side.

Now walking back along the other side of the field,  bales still everywhere !!  These bales look sort of alien to me and always make me think of  the SF film " Body Snatchers"

Back were we started, two very happy old dogs
 ( make that three)


rachel said...

loving those smiles at the end there Diane - fabulous!!! I always called those bales artic rolls - always been a bit food obsessed! Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Aww, great pics of your doggies. That's some walk Diane!!

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