Sunday, 10 July 2016

Yarn Bombed !!

My town has been "Yarn Bombed" and it's wonderful !!

It has been wrapped, covered or got fun things hanging everywhere and it's fantastic, all hand knitted and so colourful !!

WARNING !!  photo overload !!
Top of the high street

Even a donkey tree !!

Outside the library

Down the high street

Outside the bank.

Round the market house

In and round the churchyard

The vicar was sleeping on the job !!

Bottom of the high street

My photo's doesn't do justice to all the hard work which has gone into every hand knitted piece or what a colourful sight it is !!

This is all part of our annual festival week which ended yesterday with a street fair ( I took these photos Friday)  But we have never been " Yarn Bombed " !!

hugs Diane xx


cotnob said...

Wow! How brilliant, I can't believe how many things have been decorated - they all look fabulous.

rachel said...

oh this looks amazing Diane - so very colourful and just lovely! Brilliant! Hugs rachel x

Sandra said...

What a happy sight

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