Monday, 11 November 2013

Fab Day !!

My word what a horrible day today, wet and windy !!

Yesterday was completely different with lovely sunshine and I spent it at the NEC !!

The first stand I came across was "Little Claire"

Had a natter with Steve, he's a lovely guy !!  So strange to see some of my work on display....

Just had to have these two to add to my collection !!

Then came across lovely Lindsay Mason who was busy as ever, but we had a good laugh and long natter as well as a big hug !! 

Aunty Diane didn't forget the two terrors either !!

Then met Lynda Chapman from Cupcake Crafting who has just made a CD using Suzettes Crafty Sentiments Designs images called " Her Comes The Girls"

Lynda said the CD was selling really well, so please look out for it !!

Look at these fab wooden buttons I found !!  Aren't they super cute !!

Super moulds from Martha Stewart

A bargain punch only £5 !!

Another bargain only £5 as well !!

Just love the socks on his ears !!

I did have a great spend up, but far toooooo much to show you !!

These also jumped into my bag !!

What are they ?? ....... well tea and coffee stir'ers from the cafe'.  Now there must be a crafty use for these !!

Can't take me anywhere....


Scrappy Scatty said...

lovely pics
you could make little picket fences for your cards :-)

Sandra said...

I bet it was quite exciting seeing your work on show and seeing everyone oohhh'ing and aaahhing over them :)

Lozzy T said...

You had a great time Diane and great photos, bet your stomach went all funny when you see your cards, think mine would. Great crafty items you brought..Hugs Lozzy xx

rachel said...

looks like a wonderful day Diane - with lots of bargains - those Martha stewart moulds look particularly wonderful!!!

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