Sunday, 30 December 2012

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This is Leigh's post on her blog today.......

Christmas really???????

Hi all, hope you are having fun at this festive time, I just wanted to share with you my experience on Christmas Eve.

As you do, my hubby and I went to Morrisons on Christmas Eve for some last minute food shopping, I had to go sit down and went in the cafe, where I saw an elderly gentlemen who was very bent over, with a walking stick struggling to get a cup, for his drink from the top of a pile that was stacked. I was a little away, and as I approached him, felt overwhelmed with sadness at how many people walked past him, didnt see him or ignored him. I went up to him and asked him if he would like some help, which he very gratefully accepted, as he was slow, and continued to struggle in walking at such an odd angle of being stooped (though nothing I could help him with), I made a joke of pushing in front of him, and continued to chat as I was getting the drinks. We had a good old chinwag, and I got my drinks and took them to my table.

I looked round at this gentleman and could see his face and saw him struggling beyond comprehension again, he had paid, had a tray with a drink on and a walking stick and was obviously in a dilemma as to how to get to his chair, I went and offered him some further help, (pointedly looking at the cashier whilst offering it - with my sternest face on!), he seemed relieved for the help.

We got to his table, and as my hubby was still in the queue with the shopping I sat down and chatted (he was waiting for his bacon sandwich), now I believe in equality! Even when nagging! And when he was saying how hard it is and how few people help you these days, I gave him a Leigh nagging special, and pointed out that despite his obvious disability, he needs to speak up for himself, and tell people what he needs, as these days people are so frightened to help in case of politically correctness, potentially patronizing behaviour etc., and I said dont worry, I am like this with everyone.

When hubby came to the table, I left the poor man in peace, and went to my table. When I looked back a while later he was gone, which I felt sad I hadnt got to say goodbye to him, but remembered the twinkle in his eye when I was nagging him, you see, nagging shows you care.

The bottom line of this story is........... Please dont look away, if you think someone needs your help and it is safe to offer it, take a chance, even if we get it wrong, at least we tried. 

I am the same kind of person as Leigh ....a kind thought goes a long way, so please try to have one every day !!


Unknown said...

Thank you Diane for your kind words and sharing my blog post x Happy new year!!!! x Leigh x

susan said...

Wouldn't the world be such a better place if we all helped one another! It takes so little to do a kind act for someone. We should all remember the old saying, "There but for the grace of God," right? Someday, it could be us that needs a kind helping hand.

rachel said...

what a wonderful lady - this is just what we need more of - thanks for sharing Di xx

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